Our Pedagogy and Curriculum

At The Woodland Rose we really do put the children at the heart of everything we do. With a child-centred approach we use the children’s interests 100% when implementing our weekly/ monthly topics, to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. We look for ‘teachable moments’ and expand on these. Our knowledge, experience and excellent observation skills allow us to seize the moment when children show interest and curiosity, developing and building on this interest to incorporate the ‘teaching’ of new skills.

Children’s play and exploration are not interrupted for ‘circle time’ or ‘group sessions’. Stories and singing will be initiated by practitioners throughout the day if children wish to join in. Levels of engagement are proven to be much higher when children opt to join in with such activities.

Food and Snack

Healthy snacks are provided for the children throughout the day offering a range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Healthy, hearty home cooked lunches will be prepared on site with a 4 week rolling menu accessible to parents.

A high tea is available for all our children late afternoon to ensure that they leave us with full and happy tummies!

All snacks and meals are prepared with the children when possible and we source much of our produce from fellow, small, and local businesses.

Please note all dietary requirements will be met upon request.

All-weather Outdoor Provision

Here at The Woodland Rose we know that outdoor play is a fundamental necessity for all children. Outdoor play has an encouraging impact on children’s development and emotional well-being. Furthermore, young children predominantly learn from sensory and physically enriched experiences. It is for these reasons that we have invested a great deal into our all weather outdoor area to ensure it is accessible, stimulating, and full of rich play opportunities and experiences. From sand and water play, to climbing, riding and cooking in the mud kitchen our garden really does have it all.

Please note garden under contruction photos to follow.

Learning Journals

We have made the conscious decision to keep your children’s learning journals in paper format. This will take the form of a scrapbook, allowing for pictures and pieces of your child’s artwork and masterpieces to be easily included. As parents ourselves, we remember how exciting it was too look through our children’s learning journals, reviewing their progress and feeling part of their developmental journey through their earliest years. The Woodland Rose values parents as partners, you are the experts of your children, and your knowledge, support, and partnership is fundamental. With this in mind as well as our open door policy, regular parents’ evenings will be offered.

High-Quality Resources

The woodland Rose encourages open-ended resources to challenge children’s thinking and imagination. We use loose parts and real-life objects to bring realistic value to children's play. With a broad selection of age appropriate wooden toys, textured resources, and materials your little ones' senses will come alive.  This approach stretches the minds of young children and puts them in control of their own learning, allowing them to follow their own instincts as curious learners. There are no restrictions to where a resource can be played with or what it can be used for. Resources are reviewed constantly to ensure they fit with the needs and interests of the current cohort of children and to ensure high-quality resources are permanently on offer. Our playthings are replenished and updated as often as required.

Home from Home

Here at The Woodland Rose we pride ourselves on not only our expertise and experience, but also on our love for children. It is for this reason that we have used our shared desire to create a small, intimate home from home setting that provides us with the opportunity to invest our time into every child.


We will only cater for a maximum of 20 children per day. This ensures that we have the time to develop close relationships with all our children and families. After all, offering a network of support and care is one of our main ambitions.



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